New sponsor: Bier Authentiek!

New sponsor: Bier Authentiek!

Our friends of Bier Authentiek join the Tasty Tales tribe!

Right before the summer holidays our friends from Bier Authentiek BV have joined the Tasty Tales tribe! By sponsoring us we will be able to shoot more interesting breweries in Holland and Belgium and that's not only good news for us, but also for you!

Making Craft Beer easily available

Bier Authentiek is all about craft beer, brewed in the authentic, traditional way. Their mission is to make craft beer easily available to a wide audience, by bringing it to the shelves of your local supermarket for example. Market research has shown that people like to not always have to make their way to the liquor store to buy some decent craft beers.

Brouwerij De Brabandere

A large network of craft breweries

Besides a lot of knowledge of craft beer, Bier Authentiek also has a large network in this sector of (mainly) smaller craft beer breweries. Not just in Belgium where they have understood the art of brewing for centuries like no other. But also in the Netherlands where the number of smaller craft breweries is also increasing rapidly. So the choice of breweries where we can shoot a short video doc has immensely grown, choices, choices... :) Now we just need to find the time somewhere!

For brewers and retailers

On the one hand Bier Authentiek is the smaller, artisan breweries of service and on the other hand the retailers who want to offer authentic beer on the shelves. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.


Thanks to the support of companies like this, Tasty Tales will be able to grow further. Also interested in sponsoring us? Join us and help us continue to spread the stories of all those great craft breweries (and wineries + distilleries)!