Uiltje Brewing Company

Uiltje Brewing Company

The Netherlands

"Instead of subtle nuances: Boom, in your face!"

Problem solved

As difficult it may be to believe, just five years ago it was still hard to find Pale Ales, IPAs or Imperial Stouts in the Netherlands, so Robbert Uyleman decided to take matters into his own hands. He was already familiar with production brewing as he had worked for some time at Brouwerij Jopen, a local brewery in Haarlem. In 2012 Robbert also started contract brewing and through these experiences began to have a good idea of what kind of brewery he would one day like to open for himself. Three years later Uiltje Brewing Company was born in Haarlem. Robbert was able to realize his dream of opening the craft brewery he had always had in mind.

Uiltje barrel aged beer

Strong stuff

Ninety percent of the beers produced at Uiltje Brewing Company are barrel aged Porters, Stouts, Barley wines, and Imperial Red Ales. These heavy strong beers tend to age very well in the whisky, bourbon, rum, wine, calvados and cognac casks that are resting in the barrel room. Robbert and the Uiltje team are not afraid to experiment. They love to be creative and put the craziest stuff that you can imagine in your beer. Not in small amounts or buckets, but more like wheelbarrows! And most importantly, all their creations are of a very good quality.

Taproom and bar

Right next to the brewery you can enjoy twelve beers on draft also including two cask beers! If weather conditions permit, enjoy some delicious pizza with your favorite beer on their outdoor terrace. In the taproom there’s also a nice whisky collection and selection of wine. If a beer you were hoping to try is not on draft, then you can check out their bottle shop which has all the Uiltje beers ever brewed. In the medieval city center of Haarlem you will find Uiltje Bar with over thirty beers on draft and an impressive collection of bottles to choose from. A little beer paradise in a 120 square meter space.

Robbert Uyleman, owner Uiltje Brewing Company


Before you indulge yourself with beers at Uiltje Bar, you might want to have a look around in Haarlem. It is located only 15 minutes from Amsterdam or Schiphol Airport, so we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t. Have a break from the tourist-trodden paths of Amsterdam and enjoy the historic buildings, the narrow streets and the canals. Haarlem is not only home to the Jopen Brewery, but also to great museums, nice little boutiques and a wide variety of culinary enjoyment.

Bingerweg 25
2031 AZ Haarlem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)23 8446395

Additional features

Brewery Taproom open from Thursday - Sunday
Tours - check website for details
Tastings - check website for details
Outside seating
Pub style food
Bottle shop

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