Brouwerij Oersoep

Brouwerij Oersoep

The Netherlands

"Brouwerij Oersoep is located in an old soup factory."

Brouwerij Oersoep, what's in the name?

Like so many other Dutch craft breweries it all started merely as a hobby with brewing on the kitchen stove at Brouwerij Oersoep in Nijmegen. Mixing a few simple ingredients and making complex flavors arise from it. That’s where the name Oersoep came up, which translated in Dutch means ‘primordial soup’, the mysterious environment of organic molecules from which life on earth originates.

Some leftover hops at Brouwerij Oersoep

Brewery crowdfunding

When Oersoep founders Kick van Hout and Sander Kobes decided to take the step from home brewing to a ‘real’ production brewery they found a suitable location in a former soup factory. Ah… such a coincidence!

Due to a growing demand and the fact that they reached the maximum capacity, a successful crowdfunding campaign was started in 2015. It resulted in a grow in capacity and even higher quality Oersoep beers. That doesn’t mean that they are afraid to experiment, on the contrary!

Oersoep is all about 'slow beer'

At Oersoep Brewery they love to brew layered and complex beers. They call it ‘Slowbeer’. Because of their love for wild yeast and aging the beers with wood, it can take up from three months to three years before they are finished. It’s an impressive sight to see a room filled with large German and French wine barrels. The self imported gigantic French Foeders each hold 7.000 liters!

Besides these ‘wild’ beers there’s a line of Year Round beers, Seasonals and Limited batches (think collabs with other breweries.) It's not hard to understand why Oersoep Brewery is internationally recognized.

Brewpub Stoom, nextdoor to Brouwerij Oersoep

Honig Complex Nijmegen

The former Honig soup factory is nowadays a creative hot spot area on the outskirts of Nijmegen, right next to the river Waal. It’s a location of approx. 33.000 square meters where entrepreneurs and creatives join workspaces. It’s a buzzing spot that hosts multiple (food)markets, fairs and events every year.

Right next door to the brewery you can enjoy some great beers and food at craft brew pub Stoom. Extremely fresh beers from Brouwerij Oersoep of course, but also from some other international quality breweries. The Honig complex also is home to Nevel, a local Dutch brewery that focuses exclusively on wild fermented beers. This hot spot is easily reachable from the city center of Nijmegen, so what are you waiting for?

Waalbandijk 14d
6541 AJ Nijmegen
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 2506 4611

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New taproom open 2023 (summer)

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