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The Netherlands

"The Netherlands is on the rise when it comes to viticulture."

Wines from the Achterhoek

Wijngoed Montferland is located in the Achterhoek, in the picturesque town of Gendringen. The winery consists of two vineyards: Castle Huis Bergh, located in the hills of Montferland, and 't Oerlegoed, located in the hamlet of De Wals in Gendringen, close to the German border. The winery and wine cellar are also located at this last location.

Wijngoed Montferland in Gendringen

The hamlet of De Wals originated in the Middle Ages and had its heyday in the 19th century. At the time, De Wals was an important agricultural community and although the agricultural sector has changed over the years, De Wals has managed to retain its rural charm.

Chickens in the vineyard at Wijngoed Montferland

From pig farmer to winegrower

Leon Masselink owned a pig farm together with his wife Magda. In 2004 they started the construction of the winery as a business on the side. Wijngoed Montferland has now grown into a complex of four hectares with no less than 14,000 vines that ensure the production of good quality red, white and rosé wines.

Winecellar at Wijngoed Montferland

The roofs of the now empty pig stables were full of asbestos, but a good solution was eventually found. The stables have been demolished, the asbestos has been cleaned up and on the location where the stables once stood, 6,500 solar panels now provide enough energy to run a sustainable wine company.

Which grapes to plant in the Netherlands?

Wijngoed Montferland has carefully chosen grape varieties that thrive best in the Achterhoek conditions. In addition to the in the Netherlands well-known white varieties such as Johanniter, Solaris and Souvignier Gris, red grape varieties such as Regent and Cabernet Cortis are also grown.

Regent grape variety at Wijngoed Montferland

You will encounter these grape varieties, white and red, in many Dutch vineyards. They are more resistant to notorious fungal diseases such as (downy) mildew and better suited to the Dutch climate. Due to the selection of grape varieties, Wijngoed Montferland can produce high-quality wines that are both characteristic for the region and have their own identity.

Selection of red wines from Wijngoed Montferland

Wine tasting at Montferland

Whether you are an experienced wine connoisseur or just curious about the wines from the region, a visit to Wijngoed Montferland is time well spent. In recent years, the wines of this vineyard have become increasingly known outside the border region of the Achterhoek.

Wine cellar at Wijngoed Montferland

Soak up the beautiful surroundings of Montferland, enjoy the hospitality of the Masselink family and taste the flavors of the Achterhoek wines on the outside terrace. Of course there is also the possibility to purchase wines, so that you can enjoy these wines from Wijngoed Montferland at home, too.

Updated: 10-06-2024

Munsterweg 4
7081 HJ Gendringen
The Netherlands

+31 (6) 1297 0593 (Magda)

+31 (6) 2048 9536 (Leon)

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