France, Saint-Chinian: Fête du Cru

France, Saint-Chinian: Fête du Cru

Wine Festival in the Languedoc region

Having spent numerous summer holidays in the French Languedoc-Roussillon wine region, the village of Saint-Chinian is a destination that we are quite happy to return to. If you happen to have plans to visit this southern region of France, mark the third sunday in July in your agenda. You don't want to miss the Fête du Cru, do you?

Saint-Chinian village detail

Fête du Cru 

The Wine Festival is a great opportunity to meet local Saint-Chinian wine producers on the market square in this charming village. Purchase a tasting glass and have a taste of the Saint-Chinian Appellation wines they have on offer.

Fête du Cru

The winemakers are always happy to tell you all about their tasty treasures. A few samples can also work wonders for your ability to speak French… Pairing the wines with a taste of local food produce will truly move you towards a state of happiness.

Saint-Chinian AOC grape varieties

The Saint-Chinian Appellation area covers twenty towns and since 2005 it also recognizes Berlou and Roquebrun as unique regional under-appellations. The main grape varieties used to produce red and rosé Saint-Chinian wines are Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. Carignan and Cinsault are used as secondary varieties.

Domaine de Canimals le Haut

For the production of white wines the main grape varieties are White Grenache, Marsanne, Roussanne and Vermentino. Some secondary varieties like Viognier are permitted to a maximum of only ten procent.

Terroir AOC Saint-Chinian

The Saint-Chinian Appellation is split into two different parts. In the north the soil is composed of schists and the landscape is defined by hills with heather, pines and chestnuts. The soil of the more open garrigue (scrubland) landscape in the southern part contains clay and limestone. This contrast in terroir also causes a distinct contrast in wine styles.

Southern side of the Saint-Chinian Appellation

Best Saint-Chinian wine stores

Not able to visit the Saint-Chinian Fête du Cru towards the end of July? La Maison des Vins on the corner of the market square offers wines of all the local producers and so does Espace Vin on Avenue de Béziers, the main road into the village. Both are great places to start your exploration of the local wines or to stock up on some bottles of wineries you were not able to visit.

La Maison des Vins

Accommodation in Saint-Chinian

In and around the village are plenty of holiday appartments for rent and there is even one that is located on the market square itself! How convenient after visiting the Fête du Cru...

Author: Johan de Ligt

Updated: 30-11-2023