Brouwerij Maallust

Brouwerij Maallust

The Netherlands

"If you can brew your own beer, that’s a boy’s dream!"

Dutch brewery on historic ground

Maallust is the name of the area around an old grain mill in the small village of Veenhuizen in the north of the Netherlands. An interesting and isolated country hamlet that was used for a social experiment back in the 19th century. The idea was to provide work and housing in a sort of reform housing colony for the poor and homeless from the large cities in the Netherlands.

Decades later it turned into a penal colony, a State Labour Institution and inmates were ‘housed’ in Veenhuizen. After World War I it turned into a real penitentiary institution and it became an even more isolated place. If you had no business being there you weren’t able to access the village. Since 2011 it is the home of Bierbrouwerij Maallust.

Copper kettles at Brouwerij Maallust

Kaspar Schulz brewhouse

The initial idea of the 25 co-owners was just to brew their own beers and share it with others, but it got gone completely out of hand. They now have the ambition to brew the best beers possible. The magnificent copper brew kettles were ordered at Kaspar Schulz in Germany. This family business is in its 10th generation and world’s oldest brewery plant manufacturer.

It shows that they leave nothing to chance at Bierbrouwerij Maallust. At the same time they like to hold on to the original idea of a small production volume. There are no intentions to expand outside the given boundaries of Maallust.

Maallust Tasting Room

Brewery and tasting room are located in the same building that used to house the old grain mill. The construction of the building is visible in the frame of old wooden beams and crossbeams. If you take a good look you can discover little notes on the beams from former inmates that used to work here. Besides tasting the different beers from tap you can also enjoy your lunch here. The names of the beers all refer to local historic characters. 

Maallust, fresh as can be

Veenhuizen history

The former penal colony Veenhuizen is well worth a visit! With its unique history and over a hundred listed monuments this hamlet is quite a special place. The architectural style of quite a few houses is based upon the style of the prison. A visit to the Prison Museum is higly recommended.

Surrounded by brook valleys and peat moors it’s also a beautiful area to discover on foot, by bicycle or by canoe. And always keep in mind… Bierbrouwerij Maallust is just around the corner to quench your thirst for a refreshing Dutch beer!

Hoofdweg 140
9341 BL Veenhuizen
The Netherlands

+31 (592) 38 89 71

Additional features

Tasting room open Wed-Thu 11:00-18:00hrs, Fr-Sun 11:00-20:00hrs
Brewery tours Sat-Sun (make online reservation)
Pub style food
Bottle shop
Outside seating
Meeting facilities
Wedding facilities
Free parking

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