Brouwerij Oudaen

Brouwerij Oudaen

The Netherlands

"Beer was really for all people, so even children drank beer..."

Stadskasteel Oudaen

This remarkable building is a medieval “city castle”, a so-called defensive towerhouse, located since 1296 in the heart of the city center of Utrecht. It has quite a history, from being a home to one of the wealthiest families in the city to being a home for the elderly and poor people.

Since 2003 it hosts a grand café on the ground floor, a restaurant on the first floor and a couple of halls for meetings and events on the second floor. The best part is hidden in the castle’s vaults, a true microbrewery!

Interior of grand café Oudaen in Utrecht

Breweries in Utrecht

Often in cities, beer was one of the most common drinks during the Middle Ages since there was a lack of clean drinking water. Other drinks like wine and lemonade were available, but only to the more wealthy people. That's why beer was also consumed by children, be it so called ‘thin beer’, made of the malt of a previous brewage. Another good reason to drink beer is that it also was a nutritious alternative for water.

In the early 17th century Utrecht had 22 breweries, most of them located on the docks along the Oudegracht (“old canal”) that runs through the center of Utrecht. Over the years they all disappeared from the city center until in 1986 an old tradition was restored with a brewery in the vaulted cellar of Stadskasteel Oudaen.

Castle restaurant and on-site brewery

The beers served in the unique castle restaurant, grand café and the brewery of Stadskasteel Oudaen all come fresh from tap. Beers in the core range are a classic Dubbel, a Witbier and an IPA. Depending on the season also different types of bockbeers are brewed. The beers are not sold in bottles at the grand café.

Core range of beers at Brouwerij Oudaen

Things to do in Utrecht 

Because Stadskasteel Oudaen is conveniently located in the city center of Utrecht, you can stroll along the Oudegracht canal with its many shops, cosy bars and restaurants with outdoor seating. Within walking distance you find must sees like the 112 meter high Domtower, the tallest church tower in the Netherland and several great musea.

Outdoor terrace of Stadskasteel Oudaen along the Oudegracht in Utrecht

Oudegracht 99
3511 AE Utrecht
The Netherlands

+31 (0)30 231 1864

Additional features

Brewery tours (make reservation online)
Restaurant open Tue-Sun
Outside seating
Wedding facilities
Meeting facilities

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