Brouwerij vandeStreek

Brouwerij vandeStreek

The Netherlands

"At Brouwerij VandeStreek we brew what we like, not necessarily within the boundaries of pre-defined beer styles."

VandeStreek Bier, local as can be

‘VandeStreek’ means literally “from the area, local” in Dutch, but it is not just a name that’s made up for this craft brewery in Utrecht. It actually happens to be the last name of Sander and Ronald, two brothers in beer. 

Ronald and Sander van de Streek, founders of VandeStreek beer

After having brewed on a small scale for a number of years since 2010, they decided the time had come to introduce their beers to the rest of the Netherlands (and the world). At first by means of contract brewing at, among others, Utrecht based brewery Brouwerij De Leckere. But since 2017 they are the proud owners of a true craft brewery, Brouwerij vandeStreek, located in a former industrial building on the outskirts of Utrecht.

Tasting barrel aged VandeStreek beer

Dutch craft beer out of bounds

At Brouwerij vandeStreek they brew whatever they like, not necessarily within the boundaries of pre-defined beer styles. This makes their beers very diverse. The focus is on taste and flavours, not so much on the alcohol. You guessed it, these guys are not afraid to experiment.

In their Playground-Series they offer barrel aged beers and other good stuff, not all of these are available year round. A very successful example of this series is their non-alcoholic IPA (0,5% ABV), definitely the best non alcoholic beer we ever had! As a result this now will be one of their seven solid beers they brew.

VandeStreek taproom

Like a number of other Dutch craft breweries, Brouwerij vandeStreek is located in an industrial area. Surrounded by numerous car dealerships and repair shops they created their own hot spot in Overvecht, in the north of Utrecht. A former industrial building is now home to a brewhouse and fermentation tanks they designed themselves and were ordered in China It’s a bit of a shame we missed the arrival of this giant transport. That sure would have provided some great video footage!

VandeStreek brewhouse

In 2020 VandeStreek taproom opened so now you can enjoy the core-range beers fresh as can be, straight from the tanks. But even better, they also serve exclusive specials, only available right here on tap! On top of that the brewery also opened a beer and food bar in Utrecht city centre in 2023, located at historic beer location Oudegracht (nr. 50).

VandeStreek Oudegracht in Utrecht

Vandestreek Oudegracht beer and food bar in Utrecht

Beer city Utrecht

Browsing through the pages of our website you might have noticed that Utrecht is becoming a truly great beer city with some amazing beerbars, brewpubs and microbreweries. For a fairly small sized city it now has several great craft breweries like Brouwerij Maximus, Brouwerij De Kromme Haring, Brouwerij Oudaen, Brouwerij Eleven, Oproer Brouwerij and also numerous contract brewers whose beers are served in many of the local bars and restaurants.

Ontariodreef 43
3565 BC Utrecht
The Netherlands

+31 (0)30 7371255

Additional features

Online shop
Brewery taproom open Fri 15:00-00:00hrs, Sat 12:00-00:00hrs, Sun 12:00-22:00hrs
Brewery tours Sat-Sun (make online reservation)
Wheelchair access
Pub style food
VandeStreek Oudegracht bar (Utrecht city centre) open Wed-Sun

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