Jopen Bier

Jopen Bier

The Netherlands

"The celebration of Haarlem having 750 years of city rights was the beginning of Jopen Bier."

The birth of Haarlem craft brewery Jopen Bier

Re-creating an original Haarlem historic beer, to commemorate the 750th anniversary of Haarlem, that was the idea. Michel Ordeman, a student that had plans to start a brewpub in Haarlem, was asked to participate in this project and that was the origin of Jopen Bier. Now, 25 years later, he still is one of the co-owners of this large independent Dutch craft brewery.

After the introduction of this historic, three grain Hoppenbier, it seemed kind of strange to Michel to pull the plug on this project. So he continued as a gypsybrewer, producing Jopen beers in a.o. Trappist brewery LaTrappe and also in different Belgian breweries. His dream was to find a suitable location in Haarlem city center, which would provide enough space to accommodate a brewhouse, taproom and kitchen.

Jopenkerk Haarlem

Jopenkerk Haarlem

It took quite a few years, but finally in 2005 an opportunity arose in the ’Raaks’ area of Haarlem city center. The old Jacobs kerk (church) hadn’t been in use since the 1970’s and it was up for sale. Despite a leaking roof, smashed windows and a rotten foundation this would eventually become the home of Jopen Bier. After some necessary renovation work had been completed the Jacobs kerk was renamed into Jopenkerk Haarlem.

With its impressive interior with stained glass windows, high ceiling and a raised platform where the brewhouse is situated, this brewery church in Haarlem is now a must visit for beerlovers. The kitchen also serves excellent food for lunch and dinner.

Jopen brewery tour

The need for more capacity led to the decision to open a second Jopen brewery in 2015. This modern production brewery is located in Waarderpolder, an industrial area on the outskirts of Haarlem. The Jopen Tap Room is also located in this complex and the offers a great view of the Jopen brewing process from the skybox.

A brewery tour will take visitors around the Jopen brewery site where you’ll see the magic unfold before the brewery tour finishes at the Jopen Tap Room. The Jopen beer selection on tap is almost to the point of being intimidating... too much to choose from!

Michel Ordeman, co-owner Jopen Bier

Visiting Haarlem from Amsterdam

A visit to Haarlem is an excellent day trip from Amsterdam. It takes only 15 minutes by train and direct trains to Haarlem run every 15 minutes. As a beerlover Haarlem is a must visit because the industrial area where Jopen Tap Room and the production brewery are located also happens to be the home of Uiltje Brewing Company, another popular and internationally renowned Dutch craft brewery. Uiltje also runs a little beer paradise in the medieval city center: Uiltje Bar.

A selection of Jopen beers

Besides these beer hot spots, Haarlem also offers a wide variety of nice little boutiques, Teylers museum, the oldest museum of the Netherlands and one of the largest churches of the country, the St. Bavokerk. This church is located at Haarlem’s main square, Grote Markt, which hosts a great market on Saturdays. Staying overnight should not be a problem as there are plenty hotels and places to stay in Haarlem.

Jopen beer, fresh from tap

Gedempte Voldersgracht 2 (Jopenkerk)
2011 WD Haarlem
The Netherlands

+31 (0)23 533 4114

Additional features

Online shop
Jopenkerk (city center) open Mon-Thu and Sun 10:00-23:00hrs, Fri-Sat open till 01:00hrs
Outside seating
Bottle shop open daily
Meeting facilities
Temporarily no brewery tours (taproom also closed)

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