Rutte Distillery

Rutte Distillery

The Netherlands

"At Rutte Distillery we make genevers and liqueurs mainly."

Rutte Distillery, distilling in Dordrecht since 1872

Rutte & Zn, meaning Rutte and Sons in Dutch, is located in a historical building in the city center of Dordrecht and has been distilling spirits here since 1872. For many generations, the art of distillation has been passed on here from father to son. Founder Simon Rutte produced his first spirits in the same back-room where nowadays still gin and genever are being distilled.

The cosy tasting room is situated in what used to be the family’s living room. The liquor store is still in the front. Much hasn’t changed here in this small Dutch distillery, it’s like stepping back in time and as a gin and genever-loving visitor you’ll love it!

Rutte distillery, ingredients storage

The art of distilling genever

Rutte family has been distilling an extensive range of genevers. Besides that they have been distilling liqueurs for decades. While sticking to the principles of the age-old traditions, the current generation of distillers have also come up with new creations like new liqueurs, gin and vodka. No artificial flavorings or colorings are used, all of the flavor and color comes from fresh fruit, herbs, nuts and other botanicals.

Rutte gin and genever cocktails

The international line of products consists of Rutte Old Simon Genever, a Celery Gin and a Dry Gin. In 2015 Myriam Hendrickx of Rutte Distillery went overseas to the United States to (re)introduce the traditional Rutte spirits to local bartenders in different states.

This turned out to be a great success and in 2017 Rutte Old Simon Genever was used as a key ingredient in the winning drink of the prestigious annual Tales of the Cocktail competition. The cocktail was a creative reinterpretation of the Martini Cocktail. Rumor has it that the Martini is believed to be an evolution of the classic Martinez cocktail which was almost certainly prepared with Dutch genever.

Copper distilling kettle at Rutte Distillery in Dordrecht

Visiting historic Dordrecht

Guess we don’t need to mention again that Rutte Distillers tasting room and liquor store are well worth a visit. But historic Dordrecht, the oldest city in Holland, has much more to offer. Climb the tower of the medieval Grote Kerk and treat yourself with a magnificent view over the city.

And don’t forget to check out the old warehouses along the historic harbour, which used to be the prominent trading centre in Holland for wine and all kinds of other food products. Staying overnight in Dordrecht might be a good idea as the city has not only a lot to offer but can also serve as a hub to visit nearby Rotterdam.

Updated: 10-06-2024

Vriesestraat 130
3311 NS Dordrecht
The Netherlands

+31 (0)78 6134 467

Additional features

Distillery tours and tasting (make online reservation)
Mini tasting Fri-Sat afternoon (no reservation necessary)
Workshops (make online reservation)
Bottle shop open Mon-Sat 09:30-17:00hrs

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