Wijndomein Aldeneyck

Wijndomein Aldeneyck


"Perhaps life is more beautiful when we make wine."

Becoming a winemaker in Belgium

As owners of a fruit company in Aldeneik, Karel Henckens and his wife Tine had the idea that life could perhaps be more beautiful. Karel had developed a strong desire to actually create something with the fruit he produced after the harvest.

Inspired by visits to vineyards in the south of France they decided to change course. Instead of just growing apples and pears, why not grow grapes and make wine?

Karel and Tine Henckens, owners of Belgian winery Wijndomein Aldeneyck

Belgian wines from the Meuse Valley

The vineyards of Belgian winery Wijndomein Aldeneyck now stretch along the south-eastern banks of the river Meuse. The pebble and rocky gravel soil, rich in minerals, is perfect for growing grapes. Although it can be considered a cool climate, this part of Belgium is reasonably dry. The climate change might be a curse to many wine regions but is actually a blessing for winemakers in this area.

In 2017 local Belgian winemakers in the Meuse Valley in Limburg received a Protected Designation Origin (PDO) status. Even more special is that this will be a cross-border appellation. The left bank is Belgian with the right bank being Dutch.

Pinot varieties at Wijndomein Aldeneyck

Belgian winery Wijndomein Aldeneyck is specialized in Pinot varieties like Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir that do well in this climate. Together with Chardonnay and Riesling this winery has created its own high-quality still and sparkling signature wines.

The fine acids give a lot of structure to these Belgian wines, thanks to the soil and the river Meuse. This winery proves that Belgium is not just a beer country but is becoming a small wine country too!

Wijndomein Aldeneyck is specialized in Pinot varieties

The village of Aldeneik

The northern Belgium area around Aldeneik and Maaseik offers great possibilities for riding your bike or following walking routes along the river Meuse. Boat trips or a cruise on the river are also being organized. The area has a rich cultural history and you might like to visit the historic centres of Aldeneik and Maaseik.

While you’re there make sure you don’t forget to enjoy culinary local products like asparagus. And yes… asparagus happen to match really well with Belgian wines like the Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris from Wijndomein Aldeneyck! What a coincidence…

Belgian Chardonnay from Wijndomein Aldeneyck

Hamontweg 81
3680 Aldeneik-Maaseik

+32(0)89 56 41 02

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