Wijngaard Apostelhoeve

Wijngaard Apostelhoeve

The Netherlands

"Wijngaard Apostelhoeve started as early as in 1970, which makes us the oldest commercial winery in the Netherlands."

Oldest commercial vineyard in The Netherlands

Perhaps the most well known, one of the largest and certainly oldest commercial vineyard in the Netherlands is located in the southern province of Limburg. In this area winemaking dates back to Roman times, but due to a number of circumstances the vines disappeared completely for centuries.

The renaissance of winemaking in Limburg started when the first vines were planted in 1970 where apple and pear trees once grew. The family-owned farm now cultivates various grape varieties on fourteen hectares. At present three Hulst generations are working at winery Wijngaard Apostelhoeve, which is a unique situation for a Dutch winery and not even very common abroad.

Vineyards of Dutch winery Wijngaard Apostelhoeve, located right outside Maastricht.

Dutch wines from Limburg

The vineyards of probably the most well known Dutch wine brand, are located just outside Maastricht on the lower southern slopes of the Louwberg in the valley of the Jeker river. The calcareous soil is made up of loess, marl and gravel.

In combination with the low-lying vineyard, a slight temperature rise and the experience of winemaker Mathieu Hulst, these factors have ensured that Wijngaard Apostelhoeve produces white wines of high quality. The range of still and Traditional Method sparkling white wines are made from classic grape varieties like Riesling, Auxerrois, Pinot Gris and Müller Thurgau

Mergelland Protected Designation of Origin

In the beginning of 2018 Mergelland received a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status because of its unique geographical situation and the excellent conditions for winemaking in this southern part of the Netherlands.

In a short timeframe the province of Limburg has acquired multiple PDO’s for winemaking! Who said winemaking in the Netherlands is not possible?

Top view over the vineyards of Wijngaard Apostelhoeve

Visiting Maastricht

A visit to Wijngaard Apostelhoeve is excellent to combine with a visit to nearby historical Maastricht, a city that dates back to Roman times. The city center is the place to be if you like shopping, art, fashion, design, museums and markets. Above all people like to enjoy the good life here so finding a good restaurant to satisfy your taste buds should not be a problem.

The south of Limburg is also home to a number of breweries and quite a few craft food producers. Other nearby wineries are Domein De Wijngaardsberg and just across the border you might want to pay a visit to Belgian winery Wijnkasteel Genoels-Elderen.

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6213 NE Maastricht
The Netherlands

+31 (0)43 3432264

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