Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom

Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom

The Netherlands

"The nice thing about wine growing in the Netherlands, is that it's of course a novelty."

Winemaking in the Dutch climate

Cloudy, rainy days and relatively high humidity in the Netherlands are challenges Dutch winemakers have to face. Especially if you strive to work organicly. We paid a visit to Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom in the village of Hurwenen.

The small winery of two hectares is located in the region Bommelerwaard, in short distance of the historic city of Zaltbommel at the river Waal. This Bommelerwaard region is enclosed by the rivers Meuse and Waal. Both rivers have a direct impact on the soil and provide a fluvial deposit of sandy clay, ideal for fruit growing.

The Waal river with Martinus Nijhoff Bridge in the background

Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom roadsign

Organic winemaking in The Netherlands

For owners of Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom, Huib Overmars and his wife Lotte Rippen, it really was a dream come true to find a vineyard for sale in the Netherlands. It even already existed for ten years before they acquired it in 2007. That gave them the unique opportunity to quickly go in full production. 

Winemaker Huib Overmars of Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom

The best thing about this vineyard however was that the previous owner grew his grapes organically already and without any doubt they chose to continue this ecological approach.

PIWI grape varieties

By using so called PIWI grape varieties that are more suitable for the Dutch climate, it’s possible for Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom to produce wines in an organic, traditional and sustainable way. Varieties used for white wine production are Johanniter, Solaris, Bianca and Palatina.

Organic winery Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom

For producing red wines in these cool, wet conditions, the varieties they use are Regent, Rondo, Cabernet Cortis and Cabernet Cantor.

Organic winery Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom

Wine tasting at Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom 

The winery is not open daily to the public, but only by appointment. There is a good chance that winemaker Huib is somewhere around so don't hesitate to contact the winery. You can book a variety of arrangements for gatherings large and small, tasting included of course!

White wine varieties of Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom

Combine it with a walk or bike ride on this ‘island’ between the two big rivers Meuse and Waal and experience the rich history of nearby fortresses and castles. Tired? Go to the city of Zaltbommel, sit on a terrace along the river with a glass of wine and watch the large riverboats pass under the iconic Martinus Nijhoff Bridge.

Overnight stay at Dutch winery

Placed in a far corner of the vineyard is a tipi tent with cooking facilities like a gas stove and even better, a cooking pot, a so called 'Dutch oven'. If you feel the need to get away from it all, this green oasis is exclusively for you. No other tents, no other people, just you, some sheep and large stock of natural wine at hand. What more can you wish for? The tipi can be booked only on friday-sunday.

Overnight stay at winery Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom

'Dutch oven' cooking pot at winery Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom

Jannestraat 1a
5327 KR Hurwenen
The Netherlands

+31 (0)418 510 058
+31 (0)6 1894 3049

Additional features

Online shop
Winery grouptour & tasting (make reservation)
Bottle shop open Sat 13:00-17:00hrs
Overnight stay (tent in vineyard) Fri-Sun
Pet friendly
Free parking

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