Domein Holset

The Netherlands

"The soil is very well suited to the quality and complexity of traditional method sparkling wines."

During a short vacation in autumn in southern Limburg, it turned out we were staying near Domein Holset. So we decided to make it a bubbly vacation. Anyway, autumn is a great time to visit a vineyard.

Vineyards of Domein Holset, a winery in the southern Dutch province of Limburg

From idea to wine estate in southern Limburg

Owner Erik Leferink and co-founder Marianne Blijdesteijn stumbled upon a run-down farmhouse in the South Limburg hamlet of Holset in 2008. Here, at the highest point in the Netherlands, not far from Vaals and the Tripoint (where Belgium, Germany and Netherlands meet) something started itching. The beautiful location of the farm, opposite the medieval village church and with a fantastic view of the Limburg hills, was part of the deciding factor. This spot offered every opportunity to realize something beautiful. Something with grapes and wine, for example. You don't plant a vineyard overnight, but now that we are several years down the road, a thriving business has emerged in Holset.

Vineyards of Domein Holset, overlooking the Limburg hills.

Classic or modern grape varieties?

In 2009 planting of the first vineyard(s) began and a choice was made for modern, hybrid grape varieties such as Souvignier Gris and Johanniter in combination with classic varieties such as Cabernet Blanc and later Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Advice was sought from oenologist Stan Beurskens of neighboring wine estate St. Martinus. He is a sought-after consultant to several vineyards throughout the Netherlands and beyond. At St. Martinus, some of the grapes from Domain Holset are also processed. Sparkling wines were to be chosen, a bold choice in a country like the Netherlands where many people still only open a bottle of bubbles at New Year's Eve. But he who does not dare does not win, and with their quality traditional method bubbles, Domein Holset can now count on a large group of fans.

Spending the night surrounded by vines

Where Erik had his ideas for a vineyard and sparkling wines, Marianne could already see herself spending the night surrounded by vines. While the first sparkling wines were ready for sale about five years after the vineyard was planted, the renovation of the farmhouse had also begun in the meantime. The property was thoroughly renovated with circular and ecological building materials and in 2017 they welcomed their first guests. By now, Domein Holset has no fewer than eleven rooms, some of which have a view of the vineyard. However, a view out of the window over the South Limburg Hill Country or the picturesque village square is not wrong either, of course.

Bed & Breakfast in the renovated farmhouse of Domein Holset

Dutch sparkling wines

In 2023, Domein Holset acquired another local producer of sparkling Limburg wines. Wijngaard Raarberg produced about 10,000 bottles each year, and with the 1.6 hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from this producer added, Domein Holset has now grown to 13 hectares.

Traditional Method sparkling wines from Dutch winery Domein Holset

By Dutch standards, that's quite a large vineyard. The Prins (Souvignier Gris/Johanniter), Classic (Chardonnay/Pinot Noir) and Dame Reserve (Chardonnay) form the core range. Available in the store at the estate, but of course there is also a webshop. Still, a tour combined with a tasting sounds like the best option to us! And well, if you're there anyway, why not stay overnight?

Updated: 10-06-2024

Holset 34-36
6295 NC Lemiers
The Netherlands

+31 (0)43 850 2928

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Wine tasting (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 12:00hrs. Tue, Thu, Sun 15:00hrs) Closed on Sundays Nov-Apr
Tour and tasting (Wed-Sat 14:00hrs)
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