Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek

Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek

The Netherlands

"I discovered it was possible to grow grapes in the Netherlands..."

Slichtenhorst, a historic estate

We visited Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek, beautifully situated on Slichtenhorst, a historic estate in the municipality of Nijkerk in the middle of The Netherlands. Nijkerk received city rights already in 1413 and in the 18th century it flourished as a trading city. The current estate dates back to the 19th century, but originates already in the 9th century when it was part of a German Franciscan monastery, Paderborn.

Dutch winery Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek

Career change to winemaking

Winemaker Henk Breugem, a bit hesitant at first, told us in short his story of how he planted a first hectare of vineyard in 2003 and added a second hectare in 2010. Although the son of a horticulturist, Henk worked in mental healthcare for twenty years.

At a certain point he decided to address his agrarian roots again and go for a more traditional agricultural production instead of an industrial agricultural production like horticulture. Working with nature was a major incentive for Henk to set up winery Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek. Now he works part-time in both the vineyard and also in mental healthcare as an alternating combination.

Modern grape varieties

The vineyards are planted with a variety of hybrid type winegrapes, also called ‘Modern Varieties’, cultivated at Geisenheim Agricultural University in Germany. These are all grape varieties with increased resistance to powdery mildew that make it possible to grow grapes sustainably in the Dutch climate and achieve a good wine.

Grape varieties used for red wine making are Regent and Cabernet Cortis. Varieties like Johanniter, Solaris and Muscaris are used for producing white wines. Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek also produces two sparkling wines, and together with a distillery they produce two different Grappa-like spirits and two liqueurs.

Sustainable winegrowing in The Netherlands at Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek

Aan de Breede Beek winery tour

Visiting the winery is possible and they also offer a tour that includes a tasting. It is necessary to contact Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek first in case you want to book a tour and/or wine tasting. You can plan your visit through the website where you can find all the contact details.

Combine your visit with a walk or rent a bicycle (there are several bike shops in Nijkerk) and enjoy the quintessentially Dutch landscape and surroundings of Slichtenhorst Estate.

Wine tasting at Dutch winery Wijngaard Aan de Breede Beek

Slichtenhorsterweg 69
3862 NP Nijkerk
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 4403 8128

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